Artist PortraitAbout the Artist:

Current opinion is that an artist’s work should speak for itself. It also happens to be a convenient way to avoid having to work on this page. Check back here to see if any minds have been changed.

The artist is a recovering graphic designer who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana.

About the Work:

All of the artwork starts with a pencil sketch, and uses traditional and unconventional, commercial and hand-made materials and medium. The artist favors acrylics, pencil and pastel for most projects. Some digital compositing, retouch or effects are used in illustrations before publication.

The artist is comfortable using digital media in photography, however rarely works in "purely digital art" in fine art to keep a respectful separation in disciplines. He is critical those that would simply apply a Photoshop filter to a photo and call it art, or (ghod forbid) printing on canvas as a replacement for a real painting. "Automation is no replacement for talent and effort."

About the Site:

The web site is currently still under some construction. Web design is not a priority over doing good art, so this may be a long work-in-progress.